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Why Does Your Small Business Need Digital Marketing? Pt. 1

Once upon a time, you had a vision. A vision of owning your own business. You worked on that vision, and put in the time and sweat to make it a reality. Some people have noticed and they like what you do. Maybe you even have some regular repeat customers. So far, things seem to be going pretty well. Now what? Now is the time to put a focus on marketing your business. Ok, but why?

Let's break it down into basics. What is marketing? Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over those of your competitors, and is a form of persuasive communication. It is made up of every process involved in moving a product or service from your business to the consumer. It can be done on any media out there, but what we're going to specifically talk about here is digital marketing, or online marketing.

Right now, our society has information overload. Consumers are constantly cutting through clutter by fast-forwarding television shows, subscribing to ad-free digital radio, installing ad-blockers to browse their favorite websites sans-ads and customizing what’s in their social media feeds. When small businesses communicate with their customers by providing information instead of offering a sales pitch, the consumer will listen. The message and the brand is no longer an interruption, but a valued information provider. This is called content marketing, and it is the only way to stand out from the wild milieu of the Internet. 

1. Boost Visibility - If you are a new business, you want to get your name out there. If you are small and want to expand, you want to reach more people. At one point, you might have even created a Facebook page for your business, but if your content isn't relevant, or if you simply forgot about it, people are not going to see you.

Good content marketing means your posts on social media are interesting and relevant to what you do and who you are trying to reach. Your brand becomes familiar to them, and you’ll be at the top of their minds the next time they need your services.

2. Be the Expert in Your Field - People trust businesses that know what they are talking about. Say you are a clothing boutique. There are 4 other similar boutiques in town, but you post weekly blogs on how to wear the latest trends. If you are the only one, suddenly you look like the resident expert fashion guru and since this service was "free" to the consumer, people will look to you as a trustworthy source for what's hot.

We've only just begun and there is already a lot to digest! Maybe you are already thinking that you need a strong digital marketing plan and you need help! Check out JPB Professional Marketing.

We are a full-service marketing and media company that provides local, personal, relationship-based solutions for clients and their advertising needs in the Mansfield, Ohio and surrounding areas. The JPB Mission is to help local businesses succeed. We help local businesses stand their ground against national and regional companies that are outmaneuvering them online, particularly in mobile search. In many cases as the primary and only marketing department for our clients, we level the playing field by giving local businesses the tools to succeed. Find out more at


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