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Writing a Quality Social Media Post

Social media posts are  everywhere.  You can see social media posts getting used on the television, in print ads, and even in other social media posts. And to be honest, we are on social media all the time, so writing engaging content is easy, right? Not quite. What might be popular with your friends and family, might not translate well with the wider audience of your clients. So for this blog post, we are going to give you some insight into how we train our writing staff to write quality social media posts. First, you need to consider which platform you are on. Writing for Facebook is going to be very different from how you write for Twitter or Instagram. Facebook has the widest audience, so you need to try to appeal in the broadest way. Twitter users tend to enjoy more fun content from businesses, and 240 characters requires brevity. Instagram is a picture platform, so you have to make your picture say the most before people will even take a look at your text. Second, we believe ther